Consumer Guide - Glass Showers - Tips To Consider

Most of the things consumers should consider before buying a new shower enclosure are just common sense, though to keep our customers informed, we'd also like to bring to your attention additional points that you may have overlooked.

glass shower designs

Define Your Design

More than likely you already have an idea of the type shower enclosure you want installed in your home. Depending upon your available space and needs, choices range from a single glass door, a traditional framed shower, on up to the more luxurious, custom enclosure large enough even for two people.

Form Follows Function
There are also current advancements in shower glass options. Since keeping shower glass clean from spotting and residual buildup is a concern to homeowners, ask your contractor if he offers a permanently treated glass such as ShowerGuard.

Once the bathroom area has been prepared, the next important task is to locate a competent contractor to perform the actual work. Your final decision will ultimately define your satisfaction.


Choosing A Contractor

Once you've defined the scope of the work to be done, use discretion in your choice of a glass technician. Your shower installation should last for years to come and its quality will almost certainly be demonstrated by the craftsman's overall experience and attention to details.

Pre-qualification Process
Think about what you want from a contractor for your project's particular needs; locate one who appears to best fit your requirements, then determine their qualifications.

call and talk to them by phone and in person

ask about and check several of their references

the more experience with glass showers the better

ask about on-site insurance and warranty

be wary of hiring just because it's the cheapest quote

get comparison offers from other experts

select a contractor you feel comfortable with

Project Parameters
After selecting a contractor to install your shower, negotiate price and details of the job.

make sure all installation details and materials to be used are understood exactly

request a contract that documents what you'll receive along with your warranty

don't pay a lot of money up front, or pay in advance the full cost of the project

standard down payment is usually 50%, balance upon completion

inspect and test the final work to your satisfaction

The Bottom Line
Remember -- you're the customer -- insist on good service and sound business practices; anything less is not acceptable. Your goal is to purchase an attractive shower enclosure with as trouble-free operation and maintenance as possible. This should be your contractor's main objective too.


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